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Who We Are

Dreamland School of the Arts is a school and performance venue offering instruction in voice, guitar, piano, violin, drums, viola, bass, accordion, and banjo, as well as visual arts, poetry, and other creative courses. We believe in the life-enriching benefits of arts education, and we believe that these benefits can be enhanced by learning together in creative community.


Our faculty is made up of some of the most exciting artists in our city, and they are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with students of any age and level of experience.


Our school features a performance venue that is perfect for hosting recitals, concerts, jam sessions, and rehearsals, among other events. This gives students and teachers alike the opportunity to share music-making with one another, as well as with the wider community.


 Summer Reading: Caitlin Press

 Our Name

History records that around 1913, a team of horses pulled a Dreamland Theatre across town, from South Fort George to downtown Prince George, on rolling logs. We thought the name was evocative and poetic, but that was only part of why we chose it. We wanted to have a name that reflected a passion for Prince George’s culture and history, and for downtown in particular.


Dreamland Logo

Why a hat on the moon?

When Dreamland School of the Arts was still a dream, Directors Erin and Jeremy Stewart were having dinner, talking about the giddy sense of possibility they were filled with at the thought of undertaking this project. Jeremy said “I feel like if I threw my hat up in the air right now, it would land on the moon.” And here it is!